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Are Your Hormones Out of Balance – Use Greska’s c60

By on December 11, 2019
Are Your Hormones Out of Balance

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance – Use Greska’s c60

Millions of people suffer from hormone imbalances, while commonly associated with women hormone imbalances affect millions of men too.  Your hormones can be out of balance for a plethora of reasons including diet, your lifestyle and genetics.  If you are unsure and wondering “are your hormones out of balance” then here are some symptoms to look out for.

Weight Gain

Many people with hormone imbalances find themselves carrying plenty of extra weight.  It is usually one of the first indicators that doctors look for.  Insulin resistance, PCOS and low testosterone can all result in increased weight.  This increase in weight often takes the form of more belly fat.  Your endocrine system is stressed and produces too much cortisol and not enough of other hormones.  Cortisol is the culprit that stores fat in your midsection.

You can make some dietary changes to help combat the weight gain like avoiding sugar and processed foods.  Make sure that you are getting enough exercise and you should do what you can to reduce the stress in your life. Here are some tips on hormone imbalances and managing your weight.

Low Libido

As you age and your levels of testosterone and other sex hormone production decreases you may notice that your sex drive has decreased.  There is a lack of sleep initially and that in turn affects your hormone production.  There are supplements that you can take to help boost your libido.


When your hormones are out of balance you can suffer from chronic fatigue.  Feeling constantly tired and sluggish all the time can indicate a much bigger problem.  First thing you want to do is change your diet and let your body have the nutrients it needs to function properly.  Then you want to start getting regular exercise, start by going to for a walk every day and increase your activity from there.

Feeling Depressed

Most people dramatically underestimate how much our hormones affect our mental health.  Feelings of sadness along with the many other symptoms of depression are also symptoms of hormone imbalance.  Depression can be soul crushing to those that suffer from it, contact your doctor and explore your treatment options.  Treatment can include therapy, medication and lifestyle changes to combat depression.

Excess Sweating

This is most commonly seen in menopausal women, hot flashes and night sweats go hand in hand with the hormonal changes in menopause.  There are a couple of different causes of excess sweating including anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances.  Speak with your doctor about the issue and they can offer some tips on dealing with night sweats.

While all of these symptoms can indicate that you are suffering from a hormone imbalance, but they call indicate other issues too.  Make sure that you contact your primary care and get to the root cause of the issues.Carbon-60 can help with this.

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Allergies or Chronic Sinus Infection

By on December 6, 2019
Allergies or Chronic Sinus Infection

Every time the seasons change it can feel like we are coming down with a cold.  We have a stuffy nose and watery eyes and we attribute that to either allergies or a cold.  Most people can’t tell if they have allergies and miss having a chronic sinus infection.  You are tired, stuffed up and your sinuses are killing you and you think it’s just allergy season is particularly bad that year.

The unfortunate part is that since you can’t tell the difference between allergies and a sinus infection you treat it with over the counter allergy medications.  That may provide you relief for a little while but your symptoms will come back and they will often be even worse.  Let’s look at the differences between the two so that you will know when to seek medical attention and when to buy some allergy meds.


Sinus infections cause inflammation around your nose and you will be able to see it in the mirror.  The inflammation can cause you to have lots of mucus in your nasal cavities and that makes for some pretty intense pressure.  If you find that not only are you stuffed up but you have a sinus headache as well then you probably have a sinus infection.  Pain is a good way of differentiating between sinus infections and allergies.

Constantly Tired

This is a symptom that most people miss altogether, they blame being tired on everything under the sun except their sinuses.  Most people never even make the connection, but fatigue is perfectly normal.  Remember that your nasal passages are swollen and that in turn makes it hard to breathe especially when you are trying to sleep.  You aren’t able to get a deep sleep and that leaves you feeling tired all of the time.

How Long are You Sick

This can be confusing if you aren’t sure whether you are suffering from allergies, a simple cold or a chronic sinus infection is the length of time you are sick.  Colds or the flu only lasts about a week and then you should be feeling pretty much back to normal.  If you are still stuffed up after 10 days then it is time to see a doctor.  While you may still have allergies it is best to let the doctor decide whether it is allergies or a chronic sinus infection that needs some antibiotics to clear it up.

A sinus infection is nothing to play around with, you should check with your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms.  Get it treated quickly and you will be feeling better in no time.

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